Essential Oils and Pregnancy from Young Living

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Young Living recently sent these helpful tips about using essential oils when you are pregnant: What oils to avoid: “some women choose to avoid excessive use of these specific oils:” Clary Sage or Sage Idaho Tansy or Hyssop Fennel Wintergreen Blends and supplements that contain these oils What oils can help: Weeks 1-12 – start slow and see how you react to oils. If you do not have any issues, try diffusing a small amount or mixing oil with a carrier such as Young Living V6 or...

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Tiny Traces, Deadly Secrets

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Organic Consumers recently sent out this article, Tiny Traces, Deadly Secrets The Big Food giants, the pesticide and genetic engineering corporations such as Monsanto, the chemical, cosmetics, body care, food packaging, bottled water, and home furnishings industries—they all have a dirty secret. All these “Better Living Through Chemistry” companies and their PR firms and trade associations, bolstered by their minions in the mass media and academia, like to reassure us that these toxic,...

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Probiotics Postpartum – Megaspore

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On my quest to heal my gut, my nutritionist Emma Lane suggested the following probiotic: MegaSporeBioticTM is a foundational nutritional food that provides true probiotic benefits by supporting digestive and immune function* What Are Probiotics? Our ancestors had a diet brimming with nutrients and beneficial species of live bacteria because they lived off the land. These species of live bacteria evolved into an essential component of our digestive system known as probiotics. Probiotics...

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The Truth About C-sections

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A friend of mine posted this amazing article on Facebook and I think it is a must read for all us Mom’s who had a c-section when it was the last thing we wanted. Here is a small clip from the article “The Truth About C-section Mamas”: “But lately, I’ve been thinking about the unsung birth heroes. I’ve been thinking about the birth stories that don’t necessarily receive all the thumbs up and high fives and Facebook shares. I’m thinking about the cesarean section stories...

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Grains “Gluten”

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Feeling bloated is never fun, especially in those months when we wear less clothes. Sometimes that bloating comes from gluten in the diet. Let’s take a look at grains and what the RDA recommends and why that might not be a good choice for you. First, let’s take a look at the USDA recommendations for grains(   The USDA recommends any food made from wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley or another cereal grain is a grain product. Bread, pasta, oatmeal, breakfast...

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Kettle Bell Swings

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Kettle Bell training is one of the new exercises out there done in almost every boot camp, circuit class and pilates class. But…is it the right tool for training your body? If you have a forward head and a rounder upper back, the kettle bell swing will cause a great deal of damage to your shoulder. You need to be able to extend through your upper back (thoracic spine) in order for the shoulder to stay free from injury. When you cannot extend through the upper back, shoulder takes the...

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