As a CP1 and HLC1, as well as a former collegiate and semi-professional athlete I thought that my pre-natal and postpartum time in life would be smooth sailing.  Little did I know the toll the journey takes on the body (unlike any other “sport”) and looking back I wish I had read these manuals earlier as both are packed with useful information that is written in a simple and easy to read way.  It is a one stop shop for mothers who want to educate themselves on the changes in their body, how to exercise safely, how to eat to benefit their bodies and their babies, and how to take care of both after birth as well.  I believe that trainers should not be able to work with pregnant or post-partum clients until reading these manuals.  These manuals are a must read for trainers who want to safely and effectively train pregnant and postpartum clients since they address all the changes and issues that should be considered when working with this special population.  Personally, as someone who gave birth three months ago, the postpartum manual educated me on how to address my body’s needs at this time.  It has also left me feeling less alone in my not-so-perfect journey as a mother and motivated me to have patience with myself and my body.  After reading the postpartum manual I now feel fully prepared to completely heal my body. – Anya Adams