Are Your Arm Pits Smelly?

by | Aug 17, 2020

Armpit Detox
So you stopped using your toxic deodorant, now what? During the transition period, you might notice some undesirable results, which may make you want to switch back! But wait!! Enter the PIT DETOX!

So how do we know if we need an armpit detox?
Have you EVER used a conventional antiperspirant or deodorant? If so, then you need an armpit detox!

Are your armpits smelly?
The build up of toxic chemicals may be the reason why your armpits have a strong odor. Sometimes when you use a natural deodorant you will notice your armpits smell bad after a few hours. Well, it turns out this usually happens because of years of toxin build-up. The way to fix this is by doing an armpit detox. Once you do the detox, the natural deodorant will work so much better!
Are you getting a rash from the baking soda in your natural deodorant?
You guessed it, it’s probably caused by the build up of toxic chemicals. Once you detox your armpits, you will most likely be able to use a natural deodorant with baking soda without getting a rash!

The best way to make the switch to natural, is by removing all that toxic build-up first. Even if you don’t think you need a detox… you probably do! Plus it’s so easy and quick, you have nothing to lose!

All you need is…
1 tablespoon of Bentonite Clay (available at Target or Amazon)
2 teaspoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Mix them together to create a paste. Then spread the paste on your armpits and leave it on for 5-15 minutes.
You shouldn’t feel anything when you have this mixture on your armpits, so if it’s burning or hurting, remove it immediately. However, you should be able to leave it on for 15 minutes without any issues.
Once the time is up, you can wash it off with a wet cloth or jump in the the shower and just wash it right down the drain!

Another easy way is purchasing Herbalix Restoratives Nighttime Detox Cleansing Deodorant. Simply put in on clean armpits before bed and wash it off first thing in the morning. You may notice a stinky odor as you start to detox, that’s a good thing getting all those toxins out. You can also rub it over any areas in your body where you lymph nodes are…see diagram. This will help detox those lymph nodes while you sleep.

Looking for a good natural deodorant that works?

I’ve tried these and rotate them often as they seem to quit working after a few weeks. I use Native for a few weeks, then Each & Every, and Primal Paste and back to Native. I am noticing I can stick with one longer the cleaner I eat. So….if you have a good diet, you may not need deodorant as often….

Primally Pure
Little Seed Farm (baking soda free)
Rustic Maka (option of baking soda free) *vegan
Pure Haven (option of baking soda free)
Meow Meow Tweet (baking soda free) *vegan
Piperwai *vegan
Primal Pit Paste *vegan
Earthley (baking soda free) *vegan

Each & Every (ingedients matter) Sandlewood and Black Pepper is my favorite

Native (They have this at most stores and it works great!)

Happy detoxing, friends!

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