Pass The ACE Personal Trainer Exam



“You have studied how to be a personal trainer, now it’s time to pass the test. This study guide is unique, as it closely follows the personal trainer exam as written by ACE.”

This exam preparation course has been designed to teach you how to pass a multiple choice based personal training exam. The information in this manual is not designed to teach you how to be a personal trainer, but to teach you how to use your study materials effectively and efficiently to pass the test.

Gain valuable experience and raise your confidence by taking practice tests, learning how the tests are structured, and gaining a deeper understanding of what is actually tested on the ACE Personal Trainer Exam. Pass The ACE Personal Trainer Exam will help you get ready for testing with: test taking strategies for all types of learners; several multiple choice exams, written to closely follow the actual exam; detailed descriptions of the information covered on the exam; and a short answer fill-in the blank section to help you retain the information.

In order to get the most out of this study guide, the following materials should be used in conjunction with this manual:

1. ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals. This includes the core topics for the ACE exams:

Chapter 1: Human Anatomy
Chapter 2: Exercise Physiology
Chapter 3: Fundamentals of Applied Kinesiology
Chapter 4: Nutrition
Chapter 5: Physiology of Training

This manual is a great study guide for those topics, including a variety of study guide fill in the blanks and multiple choice questions to practice with. This manual has a copyright date of 2010 and has not been updated recently.

2. ACE Personal Trainer Manual 4th edition has been updated recently to the 5th edition (July 2014). This manual covers everything else you need to know for the exam such as the IFT model which includes assessments, stretches, exercises and program design. It also covers the “soft” skills such as behavioral change, professional responsibilities and emergency procedures. The question is, can you still use the 4th edition to study for the exam? Yes! You can reference ACE’s website, All materials in this manual that reference page numbers for ACE include both the 4th edition page numbers as well as the 5th edition page numbers.

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