Happy Spine Back Opener

by | Mar 29, 2021

Figure 1 – Start Position
Figure 2 – Rounder Finish Position

Sitting all day or driving a lot can cause low back discomfort and compress the lumbar spine. This back opener will help the back feel better by pumping fluids into the spine giving it the love and nourishment it needs. It’s a great pick me up for the back and your brain.


  1. Sit with your knees bent, feet outside your shoulders, grabbing your shins with your hands, pulling your chest up and lengthening your spine, and inhale, figure 1. Keep eyes on the horizon.
  2. Exhale and round your spine, supporting your back by holding onto your shins, figure 2.
  3. Repeat 5-10 times timed with breath.


  1. Pumps fluid into the pelvic and back area.
  2. Stretches low back.

Check out this video on my YouTube channel to see how it’s done


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