Toxin Free Master List

by | Nov 4, 2020

I am always asked about the products that I use and love, so I have compiled the following master list of recommended toxin-free products! I will continue to update this post as I find more recommendations to share with you! If you have any suggestions to add, please leave them in the comments and I will check them out! 

You can also look products up on the Think Dirty app on your phone. Think Dirty rates products toxicity levels using the EWG report.

The  ? symbol denotes products that I regularly use.

Rest assured that nothing on this entire list will ever contain anything from the blacklisted ingredients list


 Makeup & Skincare

* Makeup: Crunchi cosmetics – www.inhealthandhappiness.shop?

* Moisturizer: Crunchi Daylight and Nightlight – www.inhealthandhappiness.shop?

* Organic Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Rosehip Seed oil, or Squalane oil  – https://amzn.to/3jZbZev

* Pangea Organics

* Balm Skincare

* Skin Food by AB on Etsy

* Pure Haven

* Mad Hippie Vitamin C

* Osmia Organics

* Eye Cream: 100% Pure Coffee Bean

* Facial Sunscreen: Crunchi Sunlight – www.inhealthandhappiness.shop

* Eminence?

 Face Wash

Crunchi Facial Cleansing Bar (Gentle or Charcoal) – www.inhealthandhappiness.shop?

* Norwex Cloth 

* Acure Brightening Facial Scrub 

* Carina Organics Daily Face Wash – Get 10% off with my code: RAW10

* Pure Haven

* 100% Pure?

* Nourish Organic

* Eminence?

 Eye Makeup Remover

* Organic facial oil of your choice 

* Norwex Makeup Remover Cloth 


*Organic Castor Oil

*Organic Coconut Oil


* Lue Clear Spot Treatment

* Osmia spot treatment

* Kypris Clearing Facial Serum

* Pure Haven Blemish Stick

* Tea tree oil, Lavender EO, Frankincense EO, Helichrysum EO (I add them to my facial oil) ?

 Face Mask

* Skinfood by AB Mean Green Face Mask

* Homemade Bentonite clay and ACV mask (search “face mask” in the group for my favorite recipe) 

* Eminence?


* Witch Hazel 

* Organic Rose Water



* Primally Pure (currently loving the charcoal one – http://fbuy.me/v/chrissypollina

* Little Seed Farm (baking soda free)

* Rustic Maka (option of baking soda free) *vegan

* Pure Haven (option of baking soda free)

* Meow Meow Tweet (baking soda free) *vegan

* Piperwai *vegan

* Primal Pit Paste *vegan?

* Island Probiotic *vegan

* Earthley (baking soda free) *vegan

* Vermont Soap Company *vegan

* Agent Nateur

* Skully’s Deodormint Spray

* North Coast Organics “Naked”

 Body Wash

* Crunchi Charcoal Body Bar – www.inhealthandhappiness.shop?

* Diluted Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap 

* Poofy Organics

* Carina Organics – Get 10% off with my code: RAW10

* Alaffia Everyday Shea or African Black

 Body Moisturizer

* Carina Organics Skin Cream – Get 10% off with my code: RAW10

* I AM Organic Natural Skincare Body Oil 

* Poofy Organics Skin Hero (message me for a rep!)

* Skin Food by AB on Etsy

* Andalou Naturals

* Earth Mama Organics

* Dr. Bronner’s

* Pure Haven

* 100% Pure Nourishing Body Cream

* Deep Steep

* Pure shea butter 

* Homemade body butter 

* Wild Woman Rescue Skin Healing Salve for eczema and psoriasis (www.roseuncharted.com)

*Young Living Lavander or Genesis Lotion (contact me for more info on young living or sign up using my member number 1322248 – https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/enroll/start?

*Herbivore – https://www.herbivorebotanicals.com/?


* Essential Oils 

* Skylar

* Phlur

* Pacifica

* Henry Rose

* Young Living (contact me for more info on young living or sign up using my member number 1322248 – https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/enroll/start?

 Oral Care

* Redmond’s Earth Paste (my son loves the lemon) 

* Dirty Mouth Toothpowder (sweet peppermint is my fav) 

* Dr. Bronners toothpaste

* Uncle Harry’s toothpaste 

* Dr. Brite Whitening Pens

* Dr. Brite Mouthwash

* Uncle Harry’s Remineralization Kit 

* Organic coconut oil pulling 

Thieves Young Living Toothpaste (contact me for more info on young living or sign up using my member number 1322248 – https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/enroll/start?


* Badger

* Earth Mama Organics

* Poofy Organics

* Pure Haven

* Dr. Bronner’s?

* Homemade with Shea Butter

* Calendula salve

* Young Living lip balm (contact me for more info on young living or sign up using my member number 1322248 – https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/enroll/start?

 Hair Care

* Carina Organics  (LOVE the citrus scent!) Get 10% off with code: RAW10

* Evolvh

* Pure Haven

* Young Living (contact me for more info on young living or sign up using my member number 1322248 – https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/enroll/start?

* Innersense

* Plaine Products

* Juice Organics

* Onesta

* For Hair Loss: Poofy Organics Mighty Mane

* Hair Color: Hair Print

* Hair Gel: Carina Organics, Ecoslay Orange Marmalade

* Hairspray: Innersense Organics “I Create Finish”, Carina Organics Fast Drying Hairspray

* Earthley Silky Smooth Leave-In – https://www.earthley.com/product/silky-smooth-leave-conditioner/ref/chrissypollina/

* For Curls: EcoSlay  (feel free to ask me for help!)

 Nail Care

* Karma Hues Organic 

* Ella and Mila (be sure to get the basecoat and In A Rush topcoat for best results!) 

* Zoya 

* Acquarella

* Smith & Cult

* Polish Remover: Poofy Organics, Karma Organics 

* Poofy Organics Cuticle Stick 

 Feminine Products

* Menstrual cup 

* Organic Tampons and Pads: Lola, Bon, Natracare

 First Aid

* Earthley All Purpose Salve – https://www.earthley.com/product/all-purpose-salve-stick/ref/chrissypollina/

* Poofy Organics Boo Boo Stick 

* Manuka Honey ?

* Patch toxin-free band-aids 

 Body Sunscreen

* Think Baby / Think Sport 

* Babo Botanicals 

* Badger

* Poofy Organics

* Coola?

* SumBum

 Bug Spray

* Nantucket Spider 

* Badger Bug Balm ?

* Earthley Pest Aside stick – https://www.earthley.com/product/pest-aside/ref/chrissypollina/

* Homemade from essential oils (search group for recipe)

* Poofy Organics

* Greenerways Organic


 Baby and Kid Products

* Poofy Organics  (we use the baby shampoo, bubble bath, everything salve, boo boo stick, lotion stick, skin hero lotion) Message me for a rep to order through!

* ThinkBaby 

* Babo Botanicals 

* Welleda

* Pure Haven

* California Baby

* Carina Organics – baby shampoo and body lotion – Get 10% off with code: RAW10

* Earth Mama Organics

* Attitude

* Homemade Shea Butter Salve 

Detangler – Poofy Organics leave-in conditioner, Babo Botanicals detangler, California Baby detangler, Briogeo fragrance-free, Earthley Silky Smooth Leave-In – https://www.earthley.com/product/silky-smooth-leave-conditioner/ref/chrissypollina/

Toothpaste: Earth Paste lemon 

Baby Wipes: Happy Little Camper, Jackson Reece, Natracare, Joonya, Thrive Market

Flushable Wipes: Happy Little Camper


 Cleaning Products

* Branch Basics  ( referral code for $10 off: http://branchbasics.refr.cc/chrissypollina )

* Homemade vinegar, water, essential oil blend 

* Better Life All Purpose Cleaner 

* Norwex Cloths  (let me know if you need a rep!)

* Pure Haven

* Force of Nature

* Young Living Thieves (let me know if you need rep!)

 Laundry Detergent

* Branch Basics 

* Molly Suds ?

* My Green Fils 

* Greenshield Organic

* Norwex Unscented Powder (let me know if you need a rep!)

* Young Living Thieves ?

* Soap Nuts

* Buckaroo

Dryer: wool dryer balls + essential oils, My Green Fills dryer angel 

Spot Treatment: Pure Haven Master Blaster, Branch Basics OxyBoost, My Green Fills Stain Stick

 Dish Soap

* Puracy 

* Better Life 

* Attitude

* Dr. Bronner’s

* Eco Me

 Dishwasher Detergent

* Eco Me fragrance free dishwasher gel?

* Better Life dishwasher gel

* Mama Suds dishwashing powder

* Grab Green fragrance free dishwasher detergent

* Puracy dishwasher packs


* Green Pan Ceramic Coated 

* Cast Iron 

* Green Earth brand on Amazon

* Xtrema Ceramic

* Any Stainless Steel

* Caraway?

* Salad Master?

 Hand Soap

* Branch Basics 

* Diluted Dr. Bronner’s ?

* Moon Valley Organics Hand Soap

* Oregon Soap Company – Foaming Castile Soap

* Locally made, fragrance-free, clean bar soap


 Men’s Products

Moisturizer – Crunchi Daylight and Nightlight creams – www.inhealthandhappiness.shop

Cleansers – Crunchi Charcoal Body Bar and Charcoal Facial Cleansing Bar www.inhealthandhappiness.shop

Sunscreen – Crunchi Sunlight SPF Facial Moisturizer www.inhealthandhappiness.shop

Shampoo & Conditioner – Carina Organics (peppermint or unscented)

Hair Products – John Master Organics, Chronos and Creed organic hair pomade

Deodorant – Primally Pure Charcoal – http://fbuy.me/v/chrissypollina , Earthley “Woods” or “Rustic” scent – https://www.earthley.com/product/mineral-deodorant-natural-deodorant/ref/chrissypollina/


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