The 80/20 Rule

by | Mar 11, 2021

80/20 RuleThe 80/20 rule states that “if we eat well and take care of our bodies 80% of the time our bodies can absorb 20% of the crap we put in it”. There is a saying that also goes along with this which Paul Chek says a lot, “paralysis by analysis”. Being in the fitness industry for over 30 years I have learned a lot and have become quite neurotic at times about my diet and my exercises which can lead to paralysis by analysis and taking the 80/20 rule to a 95/5 rule and having no fun anymore. Or sometimes following a 50/50 rule and beating ourselves up daily about it, but not changing it.

A lot of my posts are about clean living through a healthy diet, clean beauty, and clean household products. But we cannot all be perfect all the time and sometimes the stress of trying to eat perfect and have all the perfect cleaning products in our house actually causes more harm than good in our lives.

So, this post is about doing the best that you can for where you are now…read the information and use it immediately if it resonates with you, or tuck it away should you need it at some point. Maybe one day you have a lot of bloating after you eat and you remember a post about gluten and think maybe I should try going gluten free. Or your skin feels dry all the time and you remember adding a good fish oil in your diet helps with dry skin.

These are all pearls of wisdom I have tried over the years with myself and clients and I want to pass them on to you, so you have those pearls when you need them. Stress will make your pants tight, so therefore don’t stress yourself out becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Strive for 80/20 but do it in your own time and be kind to yourself every day that you achieve 80/20 and days that you don’t. Even if you eat a donut, or drink too much wine or skip a meal, be kind to yourself and the next day eat a little healthier and exercise a little more and feel that much better.

We are all on this journey to becoming the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves, so enjoy the journey and make it fun along the way.


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