Urination – How Many Time Should We Be Going A Day?

by | Mar 2, 2021

We hear a lot of talk about water…how much to drink, what type, how to store it, what to drink it out of…but that water all has to be used and come out at some point right? So, what does that look like?

Water is excreted through the skin, our breath and through the kidney’s/bladder.

So many of my friends and clients don’t want to drink too much water because it makes them pee a lot. But remember, our body is 70% water, so we need to replenish the water we are losing. And if you pee a lot, then maybe you are not absorbing the water you drink.

See my blog on water 😊

So what is normal?

Typically, you should urinate 8-12 times a day depending on how much water you drink.

Your urine should be light yellow to amber and not cloudy.

You should not have to pee during the night, humans should be able to hold their urine through 6-8 hours of sleep.

So, what is going on if you are peeing too little or too much?

If you urinate too little, you obviously are not drinking enough water.

If you urinate too much, you need to add ¼ teaspoon of sea salt to your water to help your body absorb it. Also make sure you are drinking water high in minerals.

If your urine is any color other than clear, light yellow or amber, or appears cloudy…get it checked out. Something could be going on with your kidneys or maybe you have a slight bladder infection.

If you urinate several times in the night, try these tricks:

No water after 6pm

Be sure to put a pinch to ¼ teaspoon of sea salt in your water every time you fill up your water bottle, trust me it works!

No coffee, caffeinated tea or other caffeinated drink after 3pm as this makes you pee like mad and stopping earlier in the day will help control your urination through the night. If you still pee a lot during the night, move it up to no caffeine after 10am and see if it helps.

If you leak pee when you laugh, cough or jump, it may be that your pelvic floor muscles need some work. Check out my blog on Kegel exercises. Men can do these too!

Recently, I also tried visceral massage where a therapist actually goes in and massages the muscles and ligaments around the bladder. In my case my bladder was quite rigid on the left side which makes it hard for the bladder to expand, giving me less space to hold urine. No wonder I was peeing all the time. After having one session, I am going pee less during the day. To find a visceral therapist click here.


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