Are You Dairy Intolerant?

by | Jan 22, 2021

Dairy can be a very valuable part of your diet if you are not allergic or intolerant to dairy. Weston A. Price highly recommends raw dairy, as it still contains the enzymes needed to break down dairy in the gut. If you can handle cow dairy, then by all means go for it, sticking to organic or raw dairy. If not, consider drinking goat’s milk and eating goat and sheep dairy products. Goat and sheep milk seem to be a great alternative to cow dairy when you are dairy intolerant. Goat milk has been found to be closer in nature to human milk than any other milk available, therefore it may be more tolerable. When buying dairy, be sure that it does not have carrageenan.

A very interest site I came across in my research is NOTMILK.COM

How Do You Know If You Are Dairy Intolerant?

If you have any of the following symptoms, consider going off dairy for at least 4 weeks and see if they get better. Many times it is not the lactose in the milk that people are intolerant or allergic to, it is the protein. That is why butter is still able to be a part of a dairy free diet, as it contains just the fat.

Typical symptoms dairy intolerant people have

1.         Diarrhea

2.         Constipation

3.         Fatigue

4.         Nausea throughout the day or when you lay down to sleep

5.         Asthma

6.         Sinus infections

7.         Bumps or breakouts on your skin, arms, chest or torso

8.         Bloat all the time

If these are symptoms you regularly have, then get off dairy for at least 4 weeks and see how you feel.

I recommend the following brands as great dairy free alternatives:

Alternatives to Milk That Are Super Clean (These milk alternatives have no gums or carrageenan).

Mason jar of milk or yogurt on hemp napkin on white wooden table with coconut aside
Organic White Almond Milk in a Jug


Native Forrest Simple Coconut Milk (Organic)

Three Trees Nut Milk

Alternatives with gum that can cause other health issues such as irritable bowel and digestive issues.

So Delicious Milk Alternative tastes good but are loaded with gum which may cause different issues. It can be a choice if you drink it in moderation.

Pacific Organic Milk Alternatives are the same as So Delicious, they load them with gums.

Be careful consuming soy as a dairy alternative, as soy products are very harmful to the body. Use nut milks instead.

Please visit Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s website for more information.

Side Note:

Always be leery of “frozen yogurt” stores. These yogurts contain most of the ingredients you should stay away from such as high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, carrageenan and soy. They are not a healthy choice for you or your kids.


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